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Funeral Planning

The rising cost of funerals.

The Rising Cost of a Funeral

rising cost of funerals

The Rising Cost of Funerals

Funeral costs are likely to rise in the future but a funeral plan, once purchased, guarantees that the funeral director’s costs will be met; however far into the future, they may be required.

Making a Will ensures that your assets - property, money and chattels - will be dealt with strictly in accordance with your wishes.

A Guaranteed Funeral Plan makes sure that your funeral requirements are dealt with in the same way, just as you would have wanted and with no financial burden upon those you leave behind.

Many people put their funeral wishes in their Will but a Will does not ensure

  • Your funeral preferences. Those set out in your Will are not binding upon executors - they do not have to carry out your wishes.
  • That the money you allocated for your funeral is spent on your funeral. Although your executors have a duty to carry out the funeral, they are not obliged to spend any money you may have saved for that purpose and it may not be enough when the time comes.
  • Specific arrangements such as burial or cremation, religious (or non-religious) preferences, choice of music or donations to a favourite charity in lieu of flowers. Executors are under no obligation to carry out your wishes. Families usually want to do the right thing, but it can be difficult when there is doubt about what their relative would have wanted.

All of these difficulties can be overcome with a Guaranteed Funeral Plan.

A Guaranteed Funeral Plan provides you with:

  • Peace of mind and the reassurance that your wishes will be carried out.
  • None of the financial worries that funerals often bring - your family will know exactly what your wishes are and that the funeral director’s services have been paid for in advance.